What are Measels, Mumps, Rubella and Polio

WARNING: this page includes pictures of people, mostly children, showing symptoms of various diseases with graphic and disturbing side effects. Discretion is advised.

Measles are contagious infection caused by a virus, with symptoms that manifest within seven to ten days of infection and can last for up to two weeks. These symptoms include coughing, runny nose, rashes and spots covering the body, eye inflammation and fevers of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. If left untreated, or if complications arise, the infection can lead to diarrhea, brain inflammation, blindness, pneumonia and even death. IT’s VERY contagious, spreading through coughs, sneezes, saliva and nasal secretions; it has a 90% infection rate among those who are not already immune to it. in 2013 it killed 96,000 people, most of whom were under five years of age. this is what a child with Measles looks like:

Mumps is another virus-based infection, but it is self-limiting compared to measles, meaning it is harder to do permanent damage than measels. Symptoms include fever, swelling of salivary glands, lethargy, muscle pain and headaches, and occasionally lead to testicular swelling which causes sterility. symptoms are worse in adults than in children. it is also highly contagious, being transmitted by water droplets, direct contact with the infected or by contaminated objects. This is what an adult with Mumps looks like:

Rubella, or German Measles, is a disease caused by the Rubella virus and unlike measles or mumps has a short period of symptoms, lasting only a few days. it has few symptoms in children, but adults can suffer from atrophy with this disease. A rare side-affect of it is skin deterioration, however. It is an airborne disease that spreads through infected coughs or contact with patients. This is what a child with Rubella looks like:

Finally, Polio (Poliomyelitis)

These are just a few diseases vaccines can prevent. Tetanus, influenza, diphtheria, pertussis, all went from life-threatening illnesses to forgotten horrors thanks to mass inoculation and medical treatment. These are ailments you would not wish upon your worst enemy, let alone your own children. So why are parents across America refusing, on personal principle, to vaccinate their children?


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