What Are Vaccines?

A vaccine is a biological preparative that improves one’s immune system by exposing it to weakened or dead microorganisms similar to the disease it is meant to prevent. They are basically fire-drills  for the body. The first form of vaccine was developed at the end of the 18th century to prevent Smallpox by a farmer named Benjamin Jesty. Smallpox, once a crippling and frequently fatal disease, has not been in the media for decades; this is because vaccination and herd immunity has driven it to functional extinction. The last natural case occurred in1977, in Somalia.  These are pictures of some of the last victims of Smallpox and what it looked like (warning: disturbing imagery). Medical professionals and scientists want this trend to continue into the future with other deadly and deforming diseases (see What are Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Polio) so that humans can live longer lives and improve civilization, generally benevolent goals. as such, they recommend and administer wherever and whenever they can. There is now a massive humanitarian push to provide vaccines for everything from Measles to HPV to African and Asian Countries considered “underdeveloped”, with families and communities traveling for miles to receive life-saving vaccines. It makes one wonder why anyone would object to vaccinating their children…


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